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Skye in every episode: The Well (1x08)

Ward & Skye || Their Story - Say Something [1x01-1x22]

credit: tabbley

Chloe Bennet - Entertrainment Weekly Portrait Studio 2014.

— Anonymous: how did you download this video? /post/92989848403/can-you-guys-tease-what-will-happen-when-skye-and

I used I think the Download Helper extension on Firefox :)

What about Skyeward? Is that dead or is there still hope? [x]


So to recap this weekend, what I got from SDCC was that:

  • Skye loves Ward and that’s why she’s so upset with him.
  • Ward loves Skye very much (Brett’s words).
  • Ward has a beard now.
  • Chloe said that she does believe Skye can love Ward again.
  • She also said that Ward is not bad, and that yes, he is a murderer, but he was manipulated by Garrett.
  • Brett confirmed that Ward did not shoot Buddy (we knew that already, but apparently some people still needed clarification).
  • Did I mention that Ward has a beard?
  • Brett thinks of Ward as an anti hero, not as a villain.
  • He also said that Ward is still that scared kid from The Well and that we can’t forget that.
  • Chloe still ships skyeward and she believes they will be together in the end.
  • Ward has a beard.
  • Skye has bangs.
  • Season two will be hairy-er.